Be Honest! Be a true Filipino!

This is the logo of the contest's organizer

This is the logo of the contest's organizer

There are so many dishonest things that are happening in our country and in our world. Dr. Jose P. Rizal perceived that the youth is the future’s beholder. That’s why I decided to post a sample of an Oratorical Piece encouraging the youth to be honest and truthful to his/herself and to the people around them.


              January 2005, a man in a speeding motorcycle accidentally dropped budles of cash and checks amounting to P300,000. A twelve year old student from a public school raised in a poor family witnessed that incident. It was a moment that will test one’s conviction, a moment to decide for what is right. If you were in that situation, what will you do? Youre family is financially in need, and here’s the money that could change your life for the better. Now, what is right for you? For Christina “Tinay” Bugayong, she did what is right- to return the money to the rightful owner through the help of a radio station despite the odds and after numerous sweet talks from neigbors to keep the money, and split it among themselves. Tinay, a Filipino youth and student  whose deed is worthy of emulation and recognition- making us proud of our race. She is an epitome of incalculable honesty, by being honest even if others are not, even if others will not and even if others cannot.

              What I shared is just one of the many faces of honesty.From the moment we stepped the portals of our Alma Mater, we are made aware that honesty is the best policy.As a filipino youth and student, are we that properly oriented on what we considered a cliche now? Do we really know what honesty means for us? Honesty, a clear concsiense before myself and before my fellow human beings, being aware of what is right and appropriate in one’s role, one’s behavior and one’s relationship. Being honest means no hipocrisy or artificiality, which creates confusion and mistrust in the minds and lives of others. Honesty makes a life of integrity because the inner and outer selves are but a mirror image. It is telling the truth, it is straightforward conduct.

              Filipinos are naturally born to be honest and raised by our parents with virtue of honesty as our guiding principle in life. Others may question this and say otherwise… but WE should prove them WRONG!

              Aside from Tinay, there are still many Filipinos who were shaped and lived up with virtue of honesty. Nestor Sulpico, a taxi driver, Romeo Pelaez, a janitor, Nita Ramos, a utility worker and Melitza Ann Chan, an OFW nurse- individuals from different walks of life who faced different situations which challenged their honesty. Their stories inspire us, Filipino youth and students to reflect honesty as we go on with our lives. Each day we grow with honesty. We all want to be honest in our own way. Yes, my fellow students, being honest is not just returning money and lost valuables. It’s more than that.

              How do you perceive honesty as a Filipino youth and student? Do you steal money or nick some bills from your parents wallet to play computer games? Do you cheat during examinations to get high scores? Do you ever lie in any kind for your own gain and your friend’s sake? Do you tolerate any illegalities and forms of graft and corruption in the community to cover up an individual or because of fear? These questions remind us one thing- being honest is a challenge that will test our resistance to temptations- temptations that seem to be a part of our everyday life.

              As a Filipino youth and student how can I live with honesty? No other treasure chest could induce me to steal, for I believe that I have my own large treasure chest which God gave me. I am contented and confident that whatever I have now is enough to leave simple and happy life. I have enough. I could not ask for more.

              I have a home where honesty abounds. It is where I first learned about this virtue. My parents taught me that my every word should speak with honesty and that my every action should reflect integrity. Proverbs chapter 20; verse 7 states that “the righteouss is walking in his integrity.” Therefore, an honest person is a person of integrity.

              I have a school which serves as the foundation of our country’s greatest hope. It is where my mentors taught me to be honest in dealing with my classmates, peers and teachers. It is where a student like Tinay and like us are nurtured and shaped.

              I have a church where it’s people are God-fearing. It is where I learned to accept God and to live with his words. It is where I was molded to be a faithful servant. An honest whom God wants me to be.

              I have a community where it’s citizens are vigilant and responsible for their actions, where the youth practice leadership, good and honest governance.

              In this life full of temptations and in this world where honesty is not an easy virtue, every Filipino youth and student whom Jose Rizal perceived as the viewer of the past and the beholder of the future should have the will and the courage to do what is right- at home… in school… in church, in community. Just like Tinay… just like others- our life can also be a source of inspiration- a life in which every simple act of honesty matters- a life that mirrors human dignity. Yes, let us live an extraordinary life by being honest even if others are not, even if others will not and even if others cannot. Hand in hand let us make the difference… let us make this country a better place to live in. BE HONEST! BE A TRUE FILIPINO!

-Alvin F. Apolinar,Palawan National School

A contestant from the BCBP Oratorical Competition,UP Diliman.


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  2. oh, i remembered this piece,yeah… a contestant on oration of bcbp ryt? i’ve witnessed the contest at up! the piece was perfect but too long! And the contestant was bit nervous. Only a bit. I tought he will get the 3rd place but he did’nt…

  3. zuchxenon Says:

    nice one and nice intntion!

  4. Wow halimaw! Pambihira tong taong nakasaulo neto! ang haBa maRxado!
    O bka Bob0 lang tAlaga Ako! awh! ahehehe!

  5. s0unds like familiar!

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